17 April 2011

Back to the Big City

The weekend was amazing. Incredible company. Beautiful scenery. Handmade bread. Candlelit conversation for hours on end. Wood chopping. Starlight. Moonlight. An incredible amount of poo of from a wide range of species. Cold mornings and a hot shower. The immense quiet of the campo.

I want to live in Villa Renovald. It is a village of fewer than 15 houses about an hour from Puerto Natales. Everything feels so modern and loud and city-like now that I've returned...which is strange since Natales has fewer than 15,000 people who live in it. It might as well have a million inhabitants for how loud it now feels to me.

I used to think I wanted to live in a big city for a few years, but now I realize that I am not a city girl. I want to say Hi to my neighbors every day. I want to know I am safe walking alone. I want to be able to escape to the countryside without having it be a huge process to do so. I want to work hard with my hands and not have a machine for every little thing. Something about manual labor is calming to body, mind and spirit. Achievable tasks that require effort are so satifying.

I have this great sense of satisfaction from this weekend...like this is exactly how life is meant to be. I miss it already.


  1. Great discoveries. I am very to read this latest ah-ha. Love you.

  2. Jake and I felt the same after traveling through northern Arizona and southwestern CO a couple weeks ago. So much empty space in the world! Love your take on it, Coleen!